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Am I a Racist?

So a little game I like to play, or maybe it's just an amusing habit and not really a game...occurs when I come across somebody of the Asian persuasion.

Either here, around campus at U of M (at which there are a LOT as Asisns) or even off campus, out in public.

Here's what I do..........

I will walk up to them and place my hands on either side of my eyes, at the temple, and pull the skin back so as to make my eyes narrow and elongated and resembling those of an Asian.

Then I will say to them, "Ching Chong, Ching Chong!"

And laugh and walk away. 

Sometimes, while singing..........."Chinky chink China man sitting of a fence. Tryin' to make a dollar out of fifteen cents." this just harmless and hilarious entertainment for me?

Or is it politically incorrect?


Yes, but a Smart and Funny One

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No! You Rock, man!

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Hellno(17756) Banned
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And yet another cool story bro. Do you actually think anyone is buying this shit?

Side: Yes, but a Smart and Funny One
Grenache(6058) Clarified
4 points

We all know it's shit, and deep down he knows we know.................

Side: Yes, but a Smart and Funny One

This .

Side: Yes, but a Smart and Funny One
3 points

Yes, you're a racist.

And when you get out of college and join the workforce you're destined for quite a few face to faces with Human Resources, followed by extended job searches.

Side: Yes, but a Smart and Funny One
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You rock, man!

No, wait, that didn't come out right.

You're a rock, man!

Side: No! You Rock, man!
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I find your dry humor to be.....quite...... dilapidating , yet...soothing.

Side: No! You Rock, man!
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Cuz thats what I'm aiming for, bro.

Cracks me up how some think I would really do this. The Ching chong deal.

Or that my racist themed jokes or anything but, well, jokes.

I mean come on, my fiance is of mixed race. We joke all the time.


Side: No! You Rock, man!
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Probably and youre a monkey loving douche slug for being such an butt crunch asshole

Side: No! You Rock, man!