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Am I a good troll?


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Yes, you are the bestest Troll in the whole wide world:) .

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yep!!! you are the stupidest troll in the whole wide world. and now stop making such debates. it is no debate at all.

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Yes, because you make everyone think you are insecure about your sexuality, annoy everyone, and generally be a nuisance

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Am I a good troll?

I think so, because everyone is getting angry and replying to me.

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Seeing as how your comments don't stand out from your standard mediocre troll, and how you blend in with all the other 11 year olds who thinks

A. Gay bashing makes you interesting and edgy

B. Cussing makes you all grown up and cool

C. Repeating the same comment over and over again makes you right

D. Denying your gayness will let it go away

I would rate you, on a scale from one to ten,

A resounding 3.

Being that you are the garden variety troll, are not the worst troll I have come across, you are certainly not the best.

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zombee(1026) Banned
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If your goal is to make people mildly irritated with your repetitiveness and think of you as a moron, then I guess you've succeeded. Also, I hope part of your goal was to make many people here think you are a closet homosexual, because you succeeded at that, too.

However, you are predictable and trite. 'Good' trolling takes more than saying 'fag' like a kindergartner who just learned a new swear word.

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Ask me again when you reach 12,000 points ;)

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You've picked an excellent place to do your terrible trolling. A place that's meant for debate and argument so people are going to reply to you no matter what, so I suppose in that sense, yes. BUT

Otherwise you only know one word, and all the rest of us are sick of hearing it.

Side: There's no such thing
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you are, a decent troll at best, you need to learn how to make the troll not look like a troll, they teach you that in advanced trololol studies

Side: decent