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 Amarels butt buddy the Devil tries to save his ass (9)

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Amarels butt buddy the Devil tries to save his ass

6 gun Amarel thinks fundamental rights come from a mysterious source he refuses to name he then resorts to fleeing when questioned by me and Burrito , the Devil is now banning me for daring to ask the coward Amarel to answer a question 
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Amarels butt buddy the Devil tries to save his ass

Both of them are idiots and neither one of them understands what debate is. Absolutely typical American idiots who have been trained to believe up is down and backwards is forwards. Really frustrating reading their stupid comments to be honest.

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A complete waste of time schooling these idiots. Amarel the lying cunt still refuses to say where he thinks fundamental rights come from the Devil just like 6 gunner he bans anyone who doesn’t agree with his boyfriend

6 gun Amarel is so confused he mentions traffic laws then blames me for him saying “traffic laws “ wonder his former lover Jace called him an ignorant buffooon

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Full credit to you for pointing out Amarels pathetic attempts at lying everyone can see the idiot refuses consistently to say where these rights you and I ask about come from , I think we have asked the stupid cunt 35 time between us and the best he can do is blame me for him mentioning “traffic laws “ WTF 😳

The Devil now totally supports his butt buddy by banning me , funny the way these gun nuts 🥜 are always so cowardly

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Here is what the 6 gun coward and liar Amarel stated .....

Jody said healthcare is a fundamental right. I asked him what he meant by that, and the pea brain described traffic laws. You're going to have to carry a lot of water on this one. You're not up to it. shouldprovidegunsasfreehealthcare_protection *

I never once mentioned traffic laws you stupid cunt that was you , here you go in your own words I said a fundamental right was .........

.....A law upheld and protected by law

Amarels response ........That's indistinguishable from Speed limits.

So you’re caught lying again , I asked you 15 times on your debate who decides fundamental rights and your only response was a ban’re a dumb cunt who flees from questions , then lies and accuses blames others for your stupidity

Maybe the Devil will save your ass ?

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Children, children.

Stop this bickering. What will the neighbors think?

Your psychiatrist will be here in 20 minuets, go and get washed.

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