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America Confusing?

I have yet to understand why America has the phrase in God we trust on my money or they say under God in the pledge of allegiance and most of their laws were taken from the bible but yet it seems to me that Nothing really has anything to do with God  maybe they have been refering to another god that I don't know about

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Are you serious? Oh, look. Another bleeding-heart maverick looking for a cause. "In God We Trust" is the most harmless, useless piece of text that I've ever seen in my life. Why can't you deal with it?! Who cares? Does it affect you? Are religious nuts barging down your doors?


- Britain has a state religion

- abortion is illegal in Ireland

- Liechtenstein didn't allow women to vote until 1984

And yet, unbelievably, Europe is called progressive.

Safiya(152) Disputed
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Ugh calm down seriously something is wrong with you people on here you always make these slick remarks for no reason when I'm simply just asking a question just cause I'm a Christian y'all think y'all can attack me and I won't say nothing I'm a human 1st so try me..there is a way of stating your argument without being rude

Doherty95(299) Disputed
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Europe is a group of countries so picking out a couple of things doesn't really say that Europe isn't progressive.

1) Britain has a state religion

yes but religion plays a far bigger role in your politics.

2) Abortion is illegal in Ireland

Yes it is and it shouldn't be so i agree, but in certain circumstances such as if the mothers life is in danger it is permitted. Also many people are trying to change that.

3) Liechtenstein didn't allow women to until 1984

Women should of got the vote long before 1984 so i agree, but this was 1984 so it has nothing to do with Europe being progressive or not now.

I know Europe isn't perfect but picking out three things and saying "unbelievably Europe is called progressive" i don't see how you could do that. I could pick out a few things about America:

1) Capital punishment is legal in 29 states.

2) As recently as 2005, there have been court cases over the teaching of evolution.

3) from 2001 to 2009 America had a ban on federal funding on stem cell research hampering progress.

Just by pointing out a couple of things does not mean that the country or group of countries in the case of Europe is not progressing as a whole.

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America, my country claims to be the leader of the free world, but is xenophobic and severly lacking in education. It will not kill someone to press 1 for English. Get over it, conservatives!

Safiya(152) Disputed
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America has never been a free country in any shape or form and it never will be that's the only way it can continue to stay the way it is

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I actually agree with that statement. :)

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It has actually nothing to do with god as such. Instead, it was a symbol of faith in both the Civil War in The United States and also during the 1950s when the United States experienced The Cold War with The Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was officially atheist, which The United States wanted to emphasize with the notion of godless communism. In order to do so, Congress passed a resolution in 1955 that the motto should be extended from nickels to paper money. The intention of it was to signify that the people of The United States believed in something, while people from The Soviet Union did not believe in anything. Some would argue that it was a link in the propaganda process of making The Soviet Union alien to The United States population, in order to make The United States more liberal than it already was.