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 America can't establish religion but Progressives want to establish LGBT laws. (13)

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America can't establish religion but Progressives want to establish LGBT laws.

Our Constitution makes sure no one can force religion on others and I totally agree. The Left is so bigoted against Christianity they have distorted this establishment clause to even censor symbols reflecting our Christian heritage from our public lands. These symbols establish NOTHING! They represent our history and heritage.

Now these same Progressives and LGBT actvists in the Democrat party want laws that force all Americans and all States to establish LGBT laws and force us all to live under their humanist political correct mandates. They would force every State to allow boys and men in our women's bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.
They have forced every State to change their marriage laws!


The hypocrisy from the Left is truly pathetic. They get away with it because our main stream media has become a biased arm of this political movement.

This is truly scary and why someone like a Trump has come to the forfront. America is at the breaking point, and patriotic Americans who love our constitution must take a stand against arrogant extremists on the Left whose goal is to Transform America by establishing thier PC Socialist ideology.
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Do you know what civil rights are?

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I don't think he does.

What has socialism got to do with LGBT rights? Most socialist dictatorships in the past have been very anti-gay.

Would you be open to a debate regarding the legal and constitutional applications of the First Amendment with a modern and historical context? It seems we fundamentally disagree on it and I think it would be a rather fascinating debate.

I would however ask that we behave respectfully to each other, of course.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Do you grasp the meaning of precident when regarding issues in court whereby past decisions play a big role in determining the intent of current judicial cases?

I need not guess the intent of the first Amendment because life decades after the Consitution was written showed in a thousand different ways that displaying Christian symbols on public lands, saying prayers in public schools, celebrating Christmas and Easter holidays in public schools, displaying the Ten Commandments on court room walls, were all a wonderful part of our freedoms of religious expression in America.

There is no debate to be had with you. The facts are in from just looking at our nation's history after our Constitution was written.

Our religious symbols and holidays are a celebration of our Christian heritage and in no way establishes a religion!

I will not waste my time debating settled precident.

sylynn(626) Disputed
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What then is the point of even starting this debate if you have no interest in discussing this with anyone?

AngryNarwhal(30) Clarified
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Here's the thing: Your claims regarding "settled precedent" contradict current legal paradigms regarding the first amendment, hence why I think this would be an interesting debate.

So are you actually open to a respectful debate on this topic, or not, and if not, why are you on a debate website?