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America is overmedicated.

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Most americans eat total junkfood with no nutrients and try to make up for their junky eating habits by taking random pills or medication that are unnatural and only give temporary results. Americans need to get off the meds and junkfood and eat natural foods that keep your body healthy.

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Wouldn't the debate question depend on the application of the medication? For pain and terminal illness I'm very happy we have medications to supply relief (sprains, joint pain, flu, fever, morphine and other powerful meds for major pains, terminal illness) and I'm sure these can be over used but less so than Psychotropic medications for mental illnesses such as anxiety, ADHD etc. No doubt these meds can help, but as far as understanding the limitations, long terms side effects and age group differences it should be disconcerting. It's no accident that the field of Psychology and Psychiatry for modest symptoms has increased dramatically since last century while interpersonal relationships amongst friends and families have been on the decline in the Western Industrialized nations. Less industrialized nations tend to rely more on homeopathic and family support solutions with high success. However, I've heard this trend is starting to shift as well (recent NPR report).

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If I am in pain, I handle the pain. I experience horribly severe heartburn on a daily basis - indeed, probably closer to 100 times per day. I never take pain medication.

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The only answer doctors gave orders for are medication.---

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No, this can't be true. Why would Americans be any more medicated than anyone else. Hang on...., I have to take my meds ;)

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