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Americans Think That 2 = 1.....

Anyone who is comprised of two races is biracial;

Obama is biracial;

Therefore, Obama is black (i.e. one race)?

2 = 1?


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Some Americans who are educated in matters of Anthropology also know that the entire concept of race is a myth.

We have discovered mDNA ......mitochondrial deoxyribo nucleic acid in fossils which clearly point to the fact we all originated from one common universal ancestor.

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This debate is obviously premised on the assumption that Americans believe in race. So your comment, albeit true, was nevertheless unnecessary and irrespective.

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Barack Obama is white. The race of a person born in Hawaii is determined by the mother's race. Since his mom was white, so is Barack. Sorry black folks, he's one of us. Nanny nanny boo boo. lol


Supporting Evidence: Obama is White!!! (
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For Americans who believe in the construct of race, the different "parts" of a biracial individual make up fractions, not individual wholes. In that sense, Obama being racial would be 1/2 white, 1/2 black, making one whole person.

The problem comes in when people conflate skin color with race. In that sense, Obama can be both biracial and black, since his ethnic ancestry is indeed non-homogenous and his skin is indeed black.

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Most Indians have skin color darker than Obama's; you do not hear of people calling Indians "black."

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