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 Americans and the U.S. Constitution (16)

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Americans and the U.S. Constitution

Why do Americans always bring up the US constitution? Especially when it's about the whole world or even other countries?

I hate it when people bring up the constitution like it helps prove their point.


Me: Should we smoke?

American: Well the 2nd Amendment (not accurate) means we have the right to smoke

How the fuck does that answer the question?


Me: Would the death penalty make America a better place

American: Well according to 97th Amendment (not accurate) we're not allowed a death penalty.

Right... but would it make America a better place??

If the question is should we, wouldn't it be better if, what if etc. then why do people bring up the constitution?

If the question is can we or according to the constitution can we.... then bring it up if it's needed.

Or have I missed something??

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For America, the original Bill of Rights is the most important thing to our country. It's what made it. It's what keeps us free.

The Bill of Rights guarantees our individual freedoms and the lack of a large, tyrannical government. I don't argue that because the document says so, therefor it must be. I argue on why the document is right and any infringement on it is wrong.

Although, I don't argue for the sake of added amendments (after the Bill of Rights).

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That makes sense... if you think it's right and argue on it's side. You agree with it and use logic/reason etc. to debate. I'm talking about those people who use the bill of rights to debate. lol.

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suprise suprise i just up voted you why-?because i understand what you are trying to say and agree 100 percent . please kinda check out the link i have posted on the debate i titled "my gift to all at create debate". you may find it a lot more accepting of "everyone" as opposed to this AMERICAN dominated site.and just may equip you with some fair ammunition.

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Don't be talkin' smack about the 97th amendment! George Washington gave his life on the beaches of Normandy to make sure the Mexicans couldn't take away our death penalty!

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Read the following link and it will show you that people are no smarter than the humorous remark given by Cerin.


Supporting Evidence: Low IQ's of the Western World (
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I see the problem.

A lot of us debaters are used to debating U.S. politics where it's necessary to bring up rights and the constitution.

But if it's a "Should we?" (moral debate) rights and laws become sort of irrelevant. Especially when you consider that not everyone on createdebate is an American.

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In a America dominate world in almost all aspects of life, we tend to forget that the world has an opinion as well.

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Kinda(1649) Disputed
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America dominate world in almost all aspects of life


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If I am wrong, what aspect of your life doesn't involve America? Have you gone to McDonald's or Wal-Mart before? What kind of car do you own? The Constitution is the most respected document in modern democratic history.

Ever heard of Globalization? It was created under the pretext of American culture.

Strongest Military Power [1]

Largest Economy [2] Nominal and Per capita

Two Richest Men in the World from America [3]

Biggest Company in the World Exxon Mobil by Profits [4]

Richest Sports Teams [5] [1] [2] billionaires_land.html [3] [4] [5]

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Using the law to answer a question not regarding the law is senseless.

Americans do not have a rich heritage. The US Constitution and the American Flag are all they have.

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Cicero(239) Disputed
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Why would anyone need a rich heritage? The Russians have a rich heritage of oppression, as do most Europeans. The Americans may not have a rich heritage but we have a much freer history. What would you rather have? The ability to say my people have done this or the ability to say I can do anything I put my mind to?

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