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Amnesty be granted to all illegal immigrants in the United States

So, to start off..


  1. (v.) Forgetfulness; cessation of remembrance of wrong; oblivion.
  2. (v.) An act of the sovereign power granting oblivion, or a general pardon, for a past offense, as to subjects concerned in an insurrection.


Knowing this should give a basic idea of the entire topic. Please feel free to express your thoughts!


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They come here illegally and think they can exploit and manipulate the system. Their arrogance irks me. If we don't get them out then they will continue to cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year and they drain the welfare system. They live here with the same rights and benefits as real Americans except they don't pay taxes or follow our rules. They bring with them the problems of Mexico.

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By granting amnesty to illegal immigrants it is like putting make-up over a blemish, the problem will soon come up again, and unless you deal with it, it will only get worse. Those people think that they can come over. If we grant amnesty every time so many illegals come over, then they will just keep coming.

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They broke our laws, regardless of the reasons and effects it may have had here and in their countries of origin.

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Granting amnesty is a political ploy to beef up the person who granted amnesty's political following and increasing his chance at reelection.

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