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 Amy Schumer still crying over a Trump win (4)

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Amy Schumer still crying over a Trump win

On Tuesday night, former comedian and full time social justice warrior Amy Schumer's case of the sad's over the election loss of former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton hit fever pitch. The abortion-happy feminist took to social media to urge her 5.5 million followers to join her at the Women's March on Washington the day after Inauguration Day January 21 to send a bold message to the Trump administration about so-called women's rights, otherwise known as abortion, and other issues. Leftists such as Schumer, who promised us she'd leave the country if Trump won yet still remains ever present are clearly having a rough go at accepting defeat.

Do Leftist ever keep their word on what they promise to do ?
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Why doesn't the "Fat Hog" Amy just move on. Who needs the useless piece of trash anyway.

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i have a beterr question... does anyone ever keep their word?

FUNMUN(127) Clarified
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does anyone in politics or media ever keep their word? thats what is was supposed to be sorry

Hellno(17759) Disputed
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thats what is was supposed to be sorry

What does that mean? Please go away, you are clearly a dumbass.

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Meh? Who cares? She's a nobody.