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An Imaginary Dystopian Society

What if the world were this place where only the 'smart', 'kind','brave' etc people (those with 'desirable' human traits)  were allowed to have kids,  while the  not so smart ones were not allowed to have kids in order to pass on the 'best genes' to the future generation? I want to know what you all think of Thisbe hypothetical society I came up with one day ...
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Well eugenics is not a new idea, the Nazis tried it, though not long enough for it to have any noticeable effects. The Spartans practiced a form of eugenics that selected for the most athletic. They would leave babies with defects out to die and encouraged families to let the best warriors in the community impregnate their wives.

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I think Hitler experiimented with this. So the idea has a track record. Whenever you assign value to life based on desirable performance is the day you look into the face of Satan and can't tell evil from good.

Except those traits are not exclusively genetic*