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An Open Challenge Debate Offer

While I dislike inappropriate use of the debate creation feature of this website (such as preaching and posing loaded, unfair questions), I've been pondering a very specific issue for quite some time, and I've finally come to a conclusion. I would like to test this conclusion in a rational manner and against a person who disagrees with it. 

The issue is one of Christian Doctrine, specifically whether Hell is eternal torment or not, and the only criteria for the challenge is to be willing to defend the Christian belief that Hell is eternal torment on a rational and doctrinal basis.

So, any takers?

Note: this challenge's primary purpose is to discuss the issue above, but it serves a secondary aim: I'm curious as to whether any of the more vocal, self-proclaimed Christian members of the community are willing to allow their beliefs to be questioned on a rational basis. As of yet, I've little inclination to that effect (what with a particular person [you know who you are] claiming I was harassing them when they received a PM challenging them to debate me in a civil, rational manner), but there's always hope.
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the Bible states that the "smoke of their torment will rise forever" Rev 14:11 ....

the word "eternal" live is the same word for "eternal" destruction

see: Revelation 20 man's last day in God's court ... either way, whether eternal or not < no need for any to perish

LichPotato(362) Clarified
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Is your post an acceptance of my offer, or are you confident enough in your knowledge to be unwilling to pursue the issue further?

skipsaweirdo(3) Clarified
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Is the debate....Hell is an eternal place for torment or if people will be in hell for eternity?