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 Analytical types: what do you think of these lyrics? Written, of course, by my grandson. (2)

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Analytical types: what do you think of these lyrics? Written, of course, by my grandson.

The site said the lyrics are too long to put in the field, telling me they exceed 5,000 characters. Microsoft Word, and common sense, tell me that it's only 1,200 or so characters, but whatever. The lyrics are in an argument. Be honest! Whether you like it or not, thanks.

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i dunno just where you been

maybe close but then again

i been wrong before and i can’t recall

the last time i saw yer face

in any kinda friendly place

i guess i’ll rest here up against the wall

water’s only green and blue

it’s taken an unlucky few

but distance plays his cards to always win

sometime when yer hair is long

i’ll sit beside you and sing this song

from the bow of some great ship we’re livin’ in

REFRAIN: an if you hear a bugle blowin playin our old tune

don’t pay it any mind and i hope to see you soon

you left me when the sky was pale

early mornings on the trail

were far behind as i sent you my regards

i think that you’ll come back this way

but that morning when the sky was grey

i don’t believe i ever tried so hard

from wakin’ up til afternoon

an later neath the stars and moon

throughout the day yer always on my mind

an as you walk the sun-bleached street

in that lovely barcelona heat

i’m just a guitar player who’s gone blind


just yesterday i walked these woods

past the fields an wheat that stood

blowin in the breeze from off the sea

an i can smell that ocean air

salty sprayin as i stare

into the mountains looming over me

here i’ll stay for evermore

until you knock upon my door

just take the only road without a sign

i’ll see you comin up the drive

an my empty heart will come alive

someday when we meet on down the line


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i absolutely loved it. fantastically done------------------