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Democrats will Trump times were peaceful
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And you were afraid it was Trump who'd get us into a war

Don’t say we didn’t warn you – Symposium of China’s top think tank sends classic, pre-war warning to provocative Pelosi

Who we gonna go to war with? Russia? China? Both?

Democrats will

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Trump times were peaceful

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And you were afraid it was Trump who'd get us into a war

Hello L:

I'm not anti war.. I'm just anti a stupid war like your hero GW Bush got us into..

But, for the time being, I think our MAD policy with the Chinese is working pretty good.. I don't think they wanna get annihilated any more than we do. So, Nancy need not walk on eggshells and can visit ANYWHERE she likes and FUCK Xi Jinping​.

You know, you sound kinda scared of the Chinese?? That's not a good place to be.

Bwa, ha ha ha ha ha.


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You didn't mess around with Roy Rodgers.

Mess with him and Trigger will kick a lung out of you.

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Love him or hate him, Trump projected strength. The world noticed. Biden projects indecisiveness and weakness. The world noticed that, too.That's why you have the Ukraine mess and now China threatening.

Side: Trump times were peaceful