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Andy, why are you running a troll friendly site?

Andy why do you want to have a troll site? After all, that's exactly what this is.

I can block Outlaw69 from debates I create but I can't post an argument on any other debate without being slammed with a barrage of insults from him/her. I posted one remark earlier today and he/she responded with 8 insane diatribes.

I'm not putting up with much more.

Andy, I can only imagine why you would want to have a troll friendly site but it won't be a problem for me much longer.

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Here's the thread I'm referring to and this is just one of many similar examples.

Why are you so over the top troll friendly Andy? ShutsDownGovernmentInEpicTemper_Tantrum#arg948897

Mint_tea(4307) Clarified
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Are you talking about the debate or that Outlaw spammed it? I'm honestly just curious.

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Andy, are you one of the trolls here? Is this site your very own troll sandbox?

Are you Outlaw69?

I can't help but wonder.

As you can see I'm fed up so I don't care if you ban me or not. I've had it.

Andy, if you're not a troll yourself, why are you so troll friendly?

Other sites are able to control this, why not this one?

You complain that this site doesn't make any money, but you allow trolls to run people off.

I see no logic to this being a troll site unless you gain something from it.

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Since I started this thread Outlaw69 has gone silent and I wonder why that would be.

Do you know why Andy?

Mint_tea(4307) Clarified
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He hasn't gone silent, he's still going strong as ever.

Rusticus(1878) Disputed
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You're wrong, he hasn't posted anything in 17 hours, the same time I created this debate.