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Animated child pornography.

Is animated or cartoon portrayal of pedophilic child pornography morally acceptable?


Arguments and reasons Please.

It's Wrong

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What kind of sick, twisted person would make that kind of stuff?

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Well I guess if its only animated,I guess its alright I think.....

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victor01(146) Disputed
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Only if it's animated? Animations today are close to looking like reality. In fact it does not matter whether the children are animated or squiggles, I don't care, it's wrong to watch/create child pornography.

There are children in real life that go through human trafficking and have tapes made of them by scoundrels that have no decency or morality. Animated child pornography is the same thing as the real thing. It is the still the same concept and its absolutely sick.

To watch child pornography is beyond a disturbed mind. There can be no reason for it, except to have some sort of harm on a child.

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I'm not taking sides here. I honestly couldn't say, but from my understanding the argument is that child pornography is wrong because it damages the child, so for animated porn there is no child to be harmed. So then we must say that either it is wrong for the effect it has on the viewer, or because the production of the porn itself somehow enables pedophilia. What are your thoughts on this?

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