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KKK White supremacists
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White supremacists

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Why should anyone give as shit

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Amarel(5565) Clarified
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Well, if the gov has to step down for black face/KKK outfit, the has to step down for a #metoo scandal, and the attorney general has to step down for black face, that leaves a Republican to take the governorship.. Since they won’t step down and cede control to a Republican, no one cares about what these guys did. What matters is when the shoe is on the other foot and everyone suddenly cares again.

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Mint_tea(4647) Clarified
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Now, I'm not sure about the KKK outfit, when was it worn? However, comparing blackface in the 80's to rape and sexual assault is ridiculous. Blackface was a bad decision made when that decision was viewed as ok or funny, if they did it now then sure, that's a career-ending attempt to be humorous. It could be argued that touching a woman inappropriately (pinching their butt) or making comments about their appearance was also viewed as ok but to me there is a very large difference between physical assault/rape/molesting vs. racist attempts at humor.

The KKK condoned fear based displays of racism, again not the same as blackface. BUT, it depends on if he accepted that he was wrong and repented for his actions by working hard to fix the wrongs he committed. If he just shrugs off being a part of the KKK in the past, then he should step down. Admittedly I am not up to date on that part of your debate though.

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