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 Another example of purposeful coordinated concocted Democrat hatred towards Trump... (6)

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Another example of purposeful coordinated concocted Democrat hatred towards Trump...

We all know how Democrats always whine and scream and complain every time there are conversations concerning military spending. To the Democrat Party the only good spending is when our tax dollars are given to support abortion providers or other no fault social programs for people who will vote for Democrats.

So here we are with another example of concocted anger form the Left towards ANYTHING Trump does. During Trump's speech to NATO concerning military spending, Trump once again kept his promises made during his election campaign, whereby he would try his best to get NATO nations to pay their fair share when it comes to military spending for NATO security.

America has always been used by European nations to bare the brunt of military spending keeping them safe. These Socialist nations (along with our Democrat Party) would prefer to spend their money on expensive Socialist programs rather than military spending keeping their people safe and free.

Democrats in America should be applauding Trump for trying to get NATO nations to pay their fair share, and in doing so saving American tax dollars for other things.
BUT NO!!!!!! Democrats once again attack him and insult him for speaking out on behalf of America's unfair burdens of policing the world during his speech.

No matter what Trump does, the Left will twist it to make Trump look bad. Remember when Trump fired FBI director Comey, who Democrats many times said shoud be fired? They crucified Trump for firing Comey. The hate from these extremists is so obvious, it is laughable!

Democrats forced a horrible Obamacare onto all Americans, and now that it is collapsing as the GOP always knew would happen, these phoneys are trying to blame Trump for people losing insurance we could never afford in the first place.

It's as if the Democrat Party learned nothing from the election and are going overboard in their extremist goals of transforming America. Their game plan is a scorched Earth, take no prisoners, all out assault on republicans and especially Trump.

Any person who would still vote for these extremists is as far Left as you can be. The Democrat Party has proven they care nothing for America.... they care only for their socialistic ideology no matter the damage to our nation.
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Look at how the Democrat Party and liberal media is treating Trump, and then I want you to reconcile this with the Left's supposed claim of tolerance for others, being inclusive and openminded towards people with diverse thoughts and opinions.

The actions of the Left goes 180 degrees opposite to their laughable claims of having tolerance for diversity of thought.


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Hillary should have been elected SnowFlake then the world would be right once she woke up from a 5 day nap ! LMMFAO

outlaw60(15501) Disputed
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Hillary is a 2 time loser and why is that ? What happened ?

outlaw60(15501) Disputed
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SnowFlake why is it the Progressives can't accept that Hillary was a Loser ?

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Hello From:

Yup! Dem LIBRAHLS is STOOPID and EBIL.. That IS what you're saying, right???


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All the left are hypocrites: feminist Muslims, anti-criminal gun control, constitutional gun control, screaming insults at white men because they are "racist and "sexist" while being racist (towards whites) and sexist (towards men)... the list goes on and on.