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 Any ideas for how to promote CreateDebate??? (24)

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Any ideas for how to promote CreateDebate???

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Let's not and say we did..... I don't want this site overcrowded with ignorant people. Besides, we get new members still. The site isn't dying.

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I must say I agree and disagree. I don't think that I want ignorant people clogging up the site, but I do think that the site isn't as lively as it used to be, and it could use a boost.

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How about this: A mandatory IQ test and a minimum score to join the site. That would be awesome!

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Carefully constructed web banners on carefully picked sites is the best way to promote an online debate site.

Shirts are fine, but someone who sees you wearing the shirt in the mall, probably isn't going to remember to log into CD when they get home.

That kind of advertising is name building, and great if you can saturate the market, but the company using it needs to understand it's not an instant gratification, it takes time, repetition, and staying on message.

Good web ads though, will bring immediate hits because people are already at the counter so to speak, ready to buy.

And as for dying. It's not, people are just tired of debating right now.

Almost 70% of the country agrees with the steps our president is taking. There's no really hot issues but the economy, and there really aren't two clear stances on that issue,

so it's not the site at all, it's just the atmosphere. Things will turn around soon enough, trust me...

Unless someone else makes a bigger better debate site, and does a better job advertising,

But I at least haven't noticed anything better... so far.

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I agree with you on the ad banners. That is a great way to generate users, but it needs to be accurately aimed, as you said. I found CreateDebate after a rare click on a Google Ads link, but I don't think there are many people that would do the same.

I disagree with you, in part, over the T-Shirt idea. True, they are better for name saturation. But t-shirts, especially well-designed, witty t-shirts, are productive. If people laugh or are caught looking at a good shirt, they will think of what is on the shirt. Especially if ".com" comes after CreateDebate. People will notice web sites, and if they seem legit, they won't hesitate much to visit. People love voicing their opinion, and, as long as that it stressed, people will visit.

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I agree with you there if only you see this site promoted everywhere but you don't.

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They have promoted countless other internet ventures, and could be a nice funding boost as well. ;)

Advertising, of course. That could get expensive, though. Maybe on sites already directed toward the smarter people...

And, of course, there is no promotion better than word-of-mouth.

Oh! I just thought of one! TV commercials on the History channel, and channels like it. The channels smarter people watch.

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Of course, the least expensive way is by word of mouth but there are other things that can be done as well like promoting on other sites you may belong to like My Space and Face Book. We have the widget we can use to add CD to those sites and room enough to promote the site around that. We all know people who use the Internet for all sorts of things. Why not invite them to join and pump it up while explaining why CD is such a great site.

You can also tell people on your favorite sites that you've just put up a such and such debate and invite them over to put their two cents worth into it. Point out there are no membership fees or musts here. They can debate any time and on any subject that interests them.

I'm not up on what "Banner" advertisements cost or how effective they are but this would be tough since we're a free site and generate no funds. You would also need a target group for effective marketing. I also do not know how many active members we have now and if adding more people may involve purchasing more bandwidth or whatever it is that powers a site so it doesn't slow down or poop out. The cost effectiveness of that or anything that involves dollars and cents must be calculated and decided upon wisely.

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Well, "Banner" style ads on a site are usually valued in one of two ways: Cost per Click, or Cost per Impression. If the advertising system is Cost per Impression, there is a pre-set amount of money that the host makes per number of impressions, often set at 1,000 impressions. So, if the rate is $10 per 1,000 views, the site would make $10 every 1,000 times the ad loads. On the other hand, when using Cost per Click the ad host only makes money when people click on the ad. Because Loudacris said that they "don't have much mulla until you guys start clicking on more ads," I'm going to say that CreateDebate uses a Cost per Click system. So I usually click on ads when I log on, just to support the site.

I, myself, am a fan of word-of-mouth and user ad generation. When people wear a shirt with a website on it, with a legit name, people are more than likely to visit it some time soon. If someone tells you about the site, you will more than likely visit the site, as well.

Scaling a website needs to be thought of, as well. If the site grows too quickly, then the usage will be too much to keep up with, depending on whether CreateDebate is renting servers, owns servers, and to what system they use to rent them. I would think growth needs to be nice and steady; something predictable, that can be managed with the least amount of spending as possible. Bandwidth definitely is important.

At least, this is what I understand from months of researching web site creation...

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Some great thoughts/ideas here. I want to get a quick pulse, which do you think would benefit CD more:

- Facebook Connect integration that you can bring your real identity to CD and include CD news in your FB news feed?

- A CD/Twitter application to help you have real-time social decisions?

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I would have to go with the Facebook option. Bridge the gap between two worlds! And, yeah, bring people's real selves to CD.

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I agree, I would go with the FaceBook option at this juncture. If that works for us then we can try to come up with more and more viable ways to get business going!

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