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 Any tips for a party? (14)

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Any tips for a party?

Me and Lizzie are going to a wild party (Lizzie's First) but she is very nervous. Do you guys have any tips for her or me that we can use to stay "safe"?

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Well judging by Lizzie's nature she will be out of her element. I would advise her to stay at home but if she is going with you then I guess it will work out. Don't let anyone take advantage of her.

Yeah I know. I want her to have some fun so I wanna bring her. Also I would have to keep an eye on her.


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Lol does this count as a tip?

Whatever you do, do not give into peer pressure. People will try to convince you into doing everything.

You know I am worried about that. She is too nice and she may cave into pressure far too easily.

Oh well then you may need to be there for her then.

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I would say stick together. You dont want to get lost from her.

We got lost at a party once. It all worked out because I was amazing at beer pong.

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I remember that. You didnt have to drink a single cup. I didnt play.

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Staring at the corner when no-ones talking to you and randomly laughing. Possibly talking to an imaginary friend... here's a list :)

Step 1

Start laughing at random things- "hahahaha! Isn't that tree funny! haha! mwahaha!" people will start to think there is something odd about you.

Step 2

Have an imaginary friend- give him a name, e.g, Bert. When people talk to you, ignore them and talk to Bert instead.

Step 3

Don't sit still. Moan, gibber, sway, drool. Say random things- "I'm Merlin the happy pig." This helps a lot- now people will cease to believe you ever had any sanity.

Step 4

Now, don't walk- you must dance, skip or cartwheel around the place while screeching manically.

Step 5

Practice the screeching. Sing nonsensical songs and nursery rhymes. Cling to Furniture, People and Trees- scream when people try to take you away. If you are locked in a room, laugh like a maniac. Really don't let them think you're sane.

I think I got a little carried away.

Hahaha tips accepted.

1) Do not leave any drink of yours unattended

2) Make sure at least one of you is sober

3) Do not split up and leave each other alone at the party

4) Do not have anything of high value with you

5) Wear something your comfortable in

There are more rules I could think of but these are the most important.

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Hey! Going to a party can be super fun! For Lizzie's first party, make sure you both stay together, drink responsibly, and keep your phones charged. Also, have a plan for getting home safely. Most importantly, communicate with each other and trust your instincts. Have a blast!