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Anybody remember Obama accused of murder, cocaine use, and gay sex?

Media wasn't interested

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Media covered it up

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Bronto, you are just simply SUCH an extraordinary partisan hypocrite that it is difficult to even witness your absolutely BIZARRE double standards. On the author of the linked book:-

Obama accuser has long rap sheet

The Pueblo County Sheriff's website, which pictures Sinclair under the word 'Wanted,' cites felony theft and forgery charges.

Larry Sinclair is wanted in Colorado, but you can catch him today at the National Press Club.

LMFAO. Great sources as always, bronto. You've progressed from using confirmed/listed fake news sites to convicted fraudsters in just one afternoon. Hitler would be so proud.

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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NOM quotes the politico that shields Obie from being what he is a Sword Sallower !

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This the dangers of the press when it takes sides. It's like we are living in communist nations where the Government has control of the media.

Other than Fox news, most of the other TV media is totally biased and fake. Do you understand how dangerous it is when a nation's media feeds the people constant propaganda, constant distortion, constant which hunts looking for anything they can to demonize Republicans with?

How can any intelligent person believe anything they hear today? The only power you have is to ignore the deceptions and vote for the candidate that fake news demonizes.

It was a miracle that Trump still won the election.

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Remember Obama's affiliation with terrorist Bill Aires? Other than Fox news it was totally swept under the rug.

It truly is laughable how obvious the bias is, but Progressives and Liberal on these debate sites pretend they don't see it. That makes them a total waste of time to debate.

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