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 Anyone else using Google Chrome and having issues with CD? (9)

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Anyone else using Google Chrome and having issues with CD?

Some of the buttons aren't working. All the main ones, support, dispute, Create, Browse, etc at the top work.

But no up or down voting, dismissing old debates, the scroll down menus don't work, and can't "see all" arguments are open them on the page to reply.

A little annoying. Especially if someone posts a replay more than two arguments deep, all I can do is stare at it stewing over all the clever things I would have said ><.:.   (joke, but  I really can't post anything if it's more than a couple arguments.)


Wondering if it's just me or my settings, or something with the site or Chrome.

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Hmmm? The only issue I have had has been going on since yesterday... all my 'vote' buttons appear as Down-votes but only on Firefox... Andy did some upgrades and I guess some shit is fracked up? I logged in under Chrome and everything looked normal?

You should message Andy with your issues... I think he wants to know so he can fix it.

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I use Google Chrome. Haven't experienced any problems.

However, if you guys have been experiencing shit it's probably an issue with your add-ons. Can't say much else, but to either wait for Andy to fix something, GC to fix something, or to just re-install the web browser you're having an issue with.

I can't search for some debates, and when I manage to it doesn't let me see more than one page of debates on the topic.

Other than that, I think all's good.

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We will take a look and fix ASAP. Please let me know of anything else you find.

Is there any way that you could possibly add a link to "clarify" option? When people respond with a "clarify", the new argument activity does not give me a link to it. I am essentially forced to look through my recent arguments for it...

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Yes, it is in the list of items for updating. Have you tried it since the update this weekend? I thought it was going to be fixed with that.

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Sweet. I don't think it was 100% the site, except the up and down buttons briefly. I had something weird going on with Chrome. I fixed it by getting rid of Chrome :p That crap was all PR, bells and whistles. I think I'm sticking to Firefox and IE.