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Apple VS Microsoft

Ever since the two companies exsisted fans and users have been debating which companies software and hardware is better.

I personally agree Micosoft is the winner but please tell me your views and why you support either company.

Fanboys fell free :)


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Apple boasts that its hardware and software are better. Many people also say microsoft is a software company. bothe are very debatle topics. I think apple products are designed better but PC's are easier to upgrade making them more future proof. I think apple are alittle greedy because the force to buy a new machine of you want to upgrade your computer specifications or send it to apple to upgrade adding to the cost. So apple is very greedy making you pay for things like OS updates, windows service packs are free. Imagine paying 150 dollars each service pack. So I prefer microsoft best because the encourage you to upgrade your machine in stead of spending more money on a new machine also allowing more third party software and hardware. Whereas with apple everything has to come through them.

So i hope if your thinking of moving from a PC to a mac read this and really mac your choice before you buy.

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The Microsoft versus Google debate sparks endless discussions! Both tech giants offer a vast array of services and products, each with its own strengths and unique advantages. Whether you're loyal to Microsoft's productivity suite or Google's ecosystem of apps and services, the competition fosters innovation and drives both companies to continually improve, benefiting users worldwide.Explore now

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I own a Microsoft PC but then in 2014 I received an Apple iMac for Christmas and I prefer the Apple iMac because it is a system built well and the computer is made to last a long time. Also, I do not have to worry about any viruses on my Apple iMac computer.

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