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Apple or Windows?

I can predict the outcome of this debate: Apple will win. Apple's products are always smarter and neater and more expensive. They also provide a wider range of products (iphones, ipods, etc. as well as computers). They have good apps and programs and you can be quite creative with them if you use them in the write way. So, how is there any competition?

Personally, I prefer Windows. What? I hear you say. Yes, I said it; I prefer Windows. The programs are so much easier to use, by just exploring you can become master of Windows, they're cheaper and they're just more enjoyable. The appearance isn't anything particularly special, but I think Windows are more reliable and they don't rip people off by selling ipods for nearly £200 each!

You probably disagree with me but, there you go...


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I prefer Apple because the Yosemite system is great and intuitive. Also, I don't have to worry about viruses.

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