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Challenge Debate: Arabs as Palestinians Utter Hog Wash

The Arab Israeli dispute began when England became the first great power to recognize Jewish equality in the right to self determination. This victory of political Zionism occurred with the letter written by Lord Balfour in 1917 wherein the British Foreign Minister supported the political Zionism's objective of establishment of a Jewish national HOME in """"Palestine"""". The has the obligation to prove that the Ottoman empire referred to any Middle East province within their empire, by the name of Palestine. For example: by bringing a map made by the Ottoman regime and NOT a map bought by the Ottoman regime but made in Europe. European propaganda has a long imperialist history of referring to present day Israel by the name Palestine. Arabs can not pronounce the P in this foreign word. Further, opposed has the obligation to prove that Arabs supported the Balfour declaration. Why? Because the League of Nations awarded the Palestine Mandate to the British empire based upon the wording of the Balfour Declaration wherein Lord Balfour agreed to the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine.


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The Arab Israeli dispute began when England

The Arab Israeli dispute is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible.

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