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Are ALL white people racist?

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An affirmative response to this question would be racist. .

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Obviously not.

Who paints a portrait with one stroke of a brush?

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What I always get such a laugh from is when Progressives piousy preach to others who they deem racist(for merely voting Republican), but have no problem supporting the No restriction abortion stance of the Democrat Party.

Millions of people who vote for Democrats say they are against No Restriction abortions, but are not one issue voters. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

So to all you hypocritical Left wing infanticists..... tell me, what would you say about a person who voted for an open KKK member who wanted to bring back slavery, even if his other stances you agreed with?

You would scream and spew all sorts of judgemental hate towards any person who would vote for such a person.

Yet here you are........ millions of Democrats who say they are personally aganst late term abortions of viable babies, but of course.... in your hypocritical world, that is but one issue.

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No but Progressive that are white should be posed that question !

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No and neither are all Indians or orientals or Negros. To me nearly everyone has prejudices and opinions about other races. But a true racist actively works against others of a different race. Hiring, firing, housing, lending, even in some churches.

I believe there is a clear line between racial prejudices and outright racism.

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FTB. I myself am a white person and every other white person I know is racist. so hell yes!

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