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Are Alenes real

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3 points

What are Alenes ?

2 points

My thoughts exactly. :)

3 points

Illegal Alenes are very real...they are invading the USA !!

3 points

Stop're killing me !

2 points

Well, it's true!!! LOL !

2 points

I don't know but spell checkers are ? Just saying...

2 points

I think alenes are real and you may or may not have already been probed.

2 points

Eric Cartman had an 80 foot Satellite coming out oif his biutt once , he got Probed !!!!

2 points

Bwhahaha! Yeah, I saw that one !

Cartman probed!
1 point

I think tthey mite be but i don't wont to get my hopes up if they are nise or killers

What if they turn out to be nise killers? I have no idea what I just typed ;)

1 point

Alenes landed years ago , they suck the brains from Liberals , and this is very evident seeing how Liberals are basically Brain dead, next question please !

Missspelled(26) Disputed
2 points

If they were "real" they would have either communicated with us, enslaved us, destroyed us...or maybe even eaten us.