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 Are Americans bending over backward for the Muslims or other minorities? (8)

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Are Americans bending over backward for the Muslims or other minorities?

I read a News of the Weird article the other day that said a town in Oregon (I think) cancelled Christmas but kept an Islamic holiday. What do you think about that and other things that you have come across?

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Americans in general may be doing so... I don't.

I hate a lot of people, and it has nothing to do with race. Hell, I hate mainly white people because they have the largest percentage in this Country.

but yes, it seems that there's always this question on "How can we assist minorities?" How 'bout we don't? Sure, a lot of them may live shitty lives; so what? All of a sudden we have to make blood sacrifices just to ease our white guilt?

How bout this: If you feel bad for minorities, take money out of your own pocket and give it to them. If you don't feel bad for them, use your money for w/e you like (cancer research or a new big screen TV). The fact that government is deciding who deserves a certain portion of money is tyrannical. It's OUR money, not the government's. If only Thomas Jefferson were alive to be president today; fuckin' awesome.

As for Muslims: I make fun of them all the time and if they decide to blow me up, i'll be the martyr of comedy. Hell, i'm writing a script that attacks every race possible, including Muslims. It's funny but highly offensive. Whether we get it released anywhere... who the fuck knows.

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We have affirmative action: the idea that being racist is okay as long as the hatred is directed at the majority race and not a minority.

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ledhead818(637) Disputed
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Affirmative action has nothing to do with being racist. Please stop ascribing racism to every racial issue with which you disagree.

There are social conditions that make is it less likely for ethnic minorities to succeed. This is clearly not fair. Blacks especially, while still struggling to achieve social equality, would have never made it this far without affirmative action. The problem lies in the fact you can't be in the middle class if you didn't go to college, and it is incredibly difficult to go to college if your parents do not belong to the middle class. So through no fault of your own if your parents are not moderately wealthy, you are significantly less likely to go to college. Due to this vicious cycle, after slavery was abolished the only schools blacks were able to get into were all black schools. They unfortunately, however, were of significantly less quality than white schools because the schools themselves had very little money. If affirmative action had not been used blacks would be in the same terrible position they were during the Reconstruction Period, and it needs to continue to be used until true equality is achieved for everyone.

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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That isn't really leveling the playing field, it's tilting the playing field so that the losing team can win.

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wolfbite(432) Disputed
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Affirmative action places one person above another based on the color of their skin... that's racist no matter what way you spin it.

Your gripe seems to be with the idea that those who are worse off economically are at a disadvantage when it comes to college. If a college wants to say that someone having good grades despite being from a poorer area is more worthy to gain acceptance then a person with the same grades from a wealthy family then that is acceptable seeing as the poorer person had to overcome more difficulty and thus is more likely to do well.

However, under affirmative action we have cases in which a black person from a middle class family might get preference over a white person from a poorer class simply because their skin is black, which is quite absurd.

Side: Affirmative Action

Every time we refuse to do profiling and force a little old lady to take off her shoes before boarding a plane, we are bending over backwrads.

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Lol yeah. Happening in UK too.

Mostly it's muslims and blacks but tbh as a minority I benefit from their moaning and complaining even though 'my ethnicity' barely does anything. So even though I know it's wrong... I just laugh about 'the weakness of the straight non-christian white married male'. Payback is a bitch huh :P

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