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Yes, what a buncha kooks. Nope, just worrisome.
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Are Americans overly paranoid?

The title is self-explanatory.

Yes, what a buncha kooks.

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Nope, just worrisome.

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It's not so much Americans are overly paranoid, but that their gov't and media tells them so many lies and makes them worry over all the propaganda they spew out.

Americans are told that some tiny country wants to destroy them and hurt them, yet on paper, there is ZERO stats to prove any of that, and so Americans go on hating people they never met and people who has done NOTHING to them.

Americans always think someone is coming....the Russians are coming, the Cubans are coming, the Chinese are coming, the Muslims are coming (well this one is true since there's actual verifiable data to prove it), but nobody has attacked America. Nobody has invaded America. Nobody nuked America. Nobody is coming for you. It's all just a distraction created by the propaganda US gov't to make you focus on an outside threat so that you will be blinded from the real threat which is "from within".

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I don't agree with much of what you post on here, but you have some solid points here.

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Couple ways to take this debate.

1) Are Americans (more than the average amount by some odd measure...population density?) more paranoid than they should be?

2) Are Americans more paranoid than other populations?

The "yes, what a bunch of kooks." answer makes me think the debate is asking the #1 above. I found this that kind of suggests not but I don't think their measure is really comprehensive enough for a solid answer.

Quantifying the overall paranoia level seems a bit of a subjective and overly generalized task but there is sure plentty of subjects that groups of Americans are overly paranoid about.

So in that vein I would slightly agree that Americans on average are more paranoid than need be on many topics rather than overall. Its how media works within the populations, it plays to sensationalism and false or irrelevant equivalencies. US paranoia has been discussed for years since it is deep within the US culture. More recent writings have touched on this too.

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No, the United States is more aware than most other countries of the existence of the numerous despots and rogue regimes such as North Korea and I.S.I.S who would, given the slightest opportunity enslave millions and force them to abide their barbaric laws.

The free world should be thankful that America is sufficiently perceptive to recognise these dangers and willing to take positive action to retard the advancement of their ruthless dictatorships.

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Well Canadian make some type of verification as to what you mean by overly paranoid !

Is there nothing but Unicorns , Rainbows and Nirvana there in Canada ?

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cownbueno(407) Clarified
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It's a pretty nice country, you should visit sometime. Half the working population has post secondary education, high quality of life, lots of open land and free space to roam, violent crime is rare outside of big cities (the last murder in my city was over a decade ago). If you wanna see a good comparison of the US and Canada, look at Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. Just across the river from each other, but vastly different.

I believe most people including myself, love it here.

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There is indeed plenty to worry about in the USA. Lots of behind the scenes power plays and misinformation. But ironically, the things Americans get the MOST worked up about (homosexuals, gay marriage, transsexuals, bathroom rights, religious freedom, gun restrictions) should be way way down on the list of priorities if there at all.

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