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Are E-Cigarettes A Healthy Alternative To Tobacco Smokes?

Yes, better then Nicotine

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No, worse then Nicotine

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They are an alternative. But I don't know if the balance should be tipped in their favour, or vice versa.

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yes they are so much more healthier then tobacco smokes the only real reason they are so bad is the tar and other things like that ,e cigarettes do still put stuff in your lungs but its not unhealthy

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e-cig are nicotine and pg or vg juices and they better than getting the amounts of carcinogens found it the vapor of smoke,yeah there are still the bad nicotine which is addictive but by all means they are a better bet of not being at as much risk of cancer as traditional smoking.

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Now with a recent article published on theGardian three days ago claims that E-cigarettes may be no better than regular ones. Nicotine is one of the chemicals found in both conventional and e-cigarettes which is highly-addictive and has shown to reduce bone health. They also contain detectable levels of known carcinogens and other toxic chemicals and a study from Metro just a day ago finds that it could lead to cancer. The growing popularity of this vague commodity is just as horrifying as its inevitable truths.

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Both are equally as bad and I don't see why anyone would want to smoke it. Most people think that E-Cigarettes are just water vapor, but they actually are not. They still include tobacco in it which still leads to addiction. Patches are the best solution.

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The chemicals in vapes are very dangerous. They also have nicotine in it despite misconceptions. There are also stories of vapes burning people really bad because of an explosion of the battery when they were put in the pockets of people. I think that e-cigarettes are not a healthy alternative to tobacco smokes because they are not healthy.

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