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 Are Human Beings Alive Before Birth? (18)

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Are Human Beings Alive Before Birth?

What scientific evidence is there for this issue? What philosophical constraints help to construct a sound answer?
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Are Human Beings Alive Before Birth?


That they're alive is self evident.. A better question would be, do human beings have rights before birth.

The answer to that question is no..


Atrag(5625) Disputed
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Zero rights a second before birth, full human rights a minute after. Strange. Why the big difference?

Dan_Blayde(14) Disputed
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Self-evident means "clear or obvious without needing any proof or explanation". If it obvious to you, how would you communicate it to the minority who disagree?

As to the question of rights, what conditions exclude the unborn child from the rights afforded to every other living human being, and why?

MonkeyPox(36) Disputed
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That they're alive is self evident.. A better question would be, do human beings have rights before birth.

The answer to that question is no..

You keep saying this as though you are knowledgeable on the law, all while killing a pregnant women is a double homicide. Do you just make it up as you go along?

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I interpret your question;- ''what philosophical constraints help to construct a sound answer'' to be a contradiction in terms.

Insofar that a constraint is a limitation or restriction to achieving a declared objective, which in this case is the formulation of a sound answer to your question, I fail to understand why you feel that the inclusion of such a negative word as constraint will help respondents to find an empirical answer.

Also, your thread implies a natural link between the two words, i.e., philosophical constraints when, (as far as I'm concerned,) grammatically, no such an association exists without qualification.

Dan_Blayde(14) Clarified
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With respect, this dispute is inane. Philosophy is "the use of reason in understanding such things as the nature of the real world and existence, the use and limits of knowledge, and the principles of moral judgment". The very definition contains the word "limits" (synonymous with "constraints"), and requires that "reason" is the sole tool applied. In turn, reason is "the ability of a healthy mind to think and make judgments, especially based on practical facts". The healthy mind reaches understanding using logic and fact. Thus philosophy is the use of logic to judge whether an interpretation of reality is logically sound, or not. "Contradiction in terms" this is not. Quite the opposite.

If you want the positive, then simply say, "what philosophically sound ideas..."

Finally, constraints are used all the time to achieve objectives. For example, "I need to build a house." Isn't enough for the draughtsman to draw it up. If he draws a mansion and you have only a small plot of land, you wasted your time on a fantasy. So you tell him the constraints, such as budget, land, a project deadline, etc. The same is true of philosophy and science. In order to further understand what is, it is often useful to understand what cannot be.

In short, instead of being negative and trying to deconstruct the question, find something constructive to say that might add value to the discussion.

Norwich(1424) Clarified
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So, you claim to be new here.

Well, in your new guise you are new here but how many alts did you hide behind before slipping on your latest mask?

Your embarrassing failure at attempting to find a logical correlation between philosophical and constraint within the context of the sentence in which they were used, along with your reproduction of the dictionary's meaning of the two wholly incompatible words only serves to underpin the unsophisticated nature of your mentality and depth of your illiteracy.

There is little, if any point in continuing a discussion with a vanity driven inconsequential narcissist whose literary ignorance causes him to present irrational, eye-watering gobbledygook in defence of his deplorable benightedness.

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nope it isnt sentient and also like its just a fetus basically it doesnt have the ability to think yet.

Yes they are alive. Being born is the first day Not in the belly. They do not need to be aborted, because abortion is murder! We do not need abortion, ban abortion.