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Are Humans Really the "Superior" Species?

“All the arguments to prove man's superiority cannot shatter this hard fact: in suffering the animals are our equals.” 
― Peter Singer

Yes, here's why.

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No, here's why.

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Humans are absolutely amazing. Our capabilities are endless and the only thing truly stopping us from being the best we can be is the choices we make. Read this:

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Humans control the definition of superior. Therefore, we define ourselves as superior.

If chickens could make value judgements they would define excellence as number of eggs laid per day. Then chickens would be superior as judged by them.

The judgement of superiority is a value judgement. Values exists only in human minds. We control what value is. It makes sense that we would judge ourselves to be the pinnacle of evolution.

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Superiority is itself a purely subjective standard, ultimately lacking any point for objective derivation. Quite simply, superiority cannot be established in any meaningful way. Where one may assert that being an apex predator is the basis for superiority another may assert that having the greatest number of organisms by species is the basis for superiority... and neither could be any more (in)correct than the other in their assertion.

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According to us we are, but nature is indifferent and will treat us just the same as any other species.

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According to some of us...

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