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Are Kids Who Grow Up With Dogs Healthier?

According to a new study, if your child grows up with a pup around, he or she is less likely to develop colds and ear infections as an infant. Are kids who grow up with dogs healthier?

CBSNEWS.COM reports:
Babies born in homes with cats also showed a protective benefit against respiratory symptoms, though not as strong




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Makes sense. Kind of like playing in the mud and getting sick like a normal kid makes for a healthier adult becasue they're building their immune system.

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Kids love dogs and the dogs make them happy which makes them less likely to catch illnesses because they are spending more time with the dog instead of interacting with other children who carry germs.

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Physically, they probably are - but not always. I have met people with dogs who are not in a good physical condition despite the fact you would expect them to take their dogs for walkies. One person I met let their dog be the alpha as far as I know - not intentionally, they were just stupid. Their house smelled, it was a mess, and I think that this impacted on both their physical and mental health. It didn't improve hygiene at all, either.

Mentally? Growing up making friends with people is good, making friends with animals isn't. I don't think that people will be better off mentally if they have a dog.

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