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Are McCain and Palin breaking apart?


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McCain and Palin have constantly had disagreements over where the campaign should go. For example, McCain told Palin not to bring up the Obama-Rev. Wright line, but she did anyways.

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Well, she was chosen by the Republican Party. The problem with Campaigns is that the party is what controls the campaign... not the candidate.

McCain wanted Lieberman and he really is pro-choice. But, the Republican party controls the Campaign and is having him pander to the right... if he keeps it up, we'll end up with the a man who is truly as liberal as they come.

What the moderate folk want is the old McCain, who was a very moderate man who voted very moderately in his political career. Yes, he will be that way if elected, but that's not the image his campaign is giving... fuckin' republicans.

Really, the one use the Republicans are to me is that they're the counter to Democrats... if it weren't for Republicans, Democrats would rule... but now look at them, it's the Republicans who are fucking up McCain's chance at bringing in moderate views and allowing an extremely liberal man like Obama to come in.

Bunch of Morons.

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For once I agree with you. The McCain from 2000 was a much better candidate then the one we have running now. Don't give too much credit to the republicans for doing this though, McCain can make his own decisions and used to run a campaign based on straight talk. Unfortunately he has lost his way in the past eight years. I think the daily show put it best when they said he went from a "maverick reformer" to a "reformed maverick."

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his views didn't actually change. his campaign has basically just become shittier. on the whole abortion issue, in reality, he doesn't care, but now he HAS to take a stance because the Republicans have been pressuring him on it. he doesn't want to ban abortion, and even says so, he just wants to make it harder to get one... which, yeah, most moderates agree with.

his views have been the same though. but the idiots are effected by the campaigning and decide that he's some FAR RIGHT republican who hates the poor. for anyone who actually listens to what he says, no... he isn't.

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I don't care if they break apart and spin around and light up the sky turning into a thousand little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who come landscape my lawn and deep clean my house right before a long day of campaigning for Obama. Just as long as they go.

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hahahahahahaha, thats funny

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It depends on what YOU mean by breaking apart. If it has to do with what is written on your URL and YOU mean are they having a difficult time with each other as well as she having a difficult time with staff, then yes, there are fissures there.

On the other hand, if you mean are they going to split as candidates then the answer is no, not at this juncture or any other in the foreseeable future unless she resigns or is impeached!

I've had her pegged from the "git" and she is nothing more but a two dimensional figure, as dense as a pet rock and only thrilled by herself and her delusional thoughts concerning 2012 or 2016. I was just speaking to a friend today about the next time around and we had quite a laugh when picturing Hillary Clinton returning to the quest and Palin going up against her! Oh my, oh my...what a frightening thought for the "Diva."

If these two are elected, McCain can keep her under wraps and he should...but will she stay that way? This may end up to be every bit as entertaining as "I Love Lucy" re-runs! I think it's a moot point though...they'll never see the Oval Office up close and personal!

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No, say it isn't so, they make sucha cute couple ;)

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That would be a dream come true for liberals, but NO.

you wish

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It might be best if you took a look at the article that is at your disposal...just click on the URL and you'll know what's goin' on between them and staff.

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