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Are Native Americans truly native to their land, or are they immigrants?


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Is this going to be a bizarre false equivalence where you argue that being distantly related to non-Semitic, ex-Islamic, European converts to Judaism makes you Jewish?

You really are such an utter clown.

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The accepted view appears to be that native Americans settled here approximately 15000 years ago. Well, 15000 years, and 10 days ago to be precise.

Their ancestral origins and the routes they followed seems to be muddled with disputes and complications.

The history books would also suggest that the lands occupied by the warring tribes changed frequently as the most prized territories always went to those with the strongest and most skilled warriors.

Apparently there is a folklore account of the Comanches ousting the Apaches' from the area which is now New York.

Seems not much has changed.

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Immigrants. They had to come from somewhere else since the Cradle of Mankind is in South Africa. I'll say they originated from the later.

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