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Are Perfume Adverts safe for children to watch?

Have you ever seen a perfume advert, like the intimately beckham advert, where there are a series of images that make you think that the actors are having some sort of affair? Do you think this could somehow change the behaviour or actions, or mental statement of a child?


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No these perfume adverts are not safe for children... children are bombarded with this bs on the television all to often now... when people put this stuff on the tv they rob them of their innocents and inject them with ideas of sexual intimacy at an age that is way to young... it is a marketing technique... I am well aware of that, but marketers are marketing a product to an older crowd so they should put their stuff on adult films/shows/clips (whatever) solely... it is just plain inappropriate to haft to have children subject to this stuff... for example, this stuff comes on after sports games sometimes... kids love sports!... adult commercials should go with adult material solely if at all.

sorry... that's my rant of the day

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ryuukyuzo(641) Disputed
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A few problems here:

1. Sexual curiosity IS part of human innocents. A human brought up totally sheltered from the idea of sex will still get sexual feelings. It's natural. Sexual repression is the unnatural alternative. It suppresses ones innocents, not the other way around.

2. Commercial times/channels are chosen based on the highest demographic watching that particular channel at that particular time. So, the only way a 6 year old would be bombarded with such commercials is if they're in the habit of watching late-night MTV or something. Most adult oriented commercials are already mainstreamed to air when the adult-kid ratio is already favoured to the former to better hit the target audience.

3. Knowledge of sex can't possibly hurt children already starting to express curiosity in that area (just the opposite is true), so I'm assuming your worried more about these commercials working really well and causing young kids to go out and blow their allowance on perfume? In that case all you need to do is explain to your kids that this is a mere marketing technique and there's no reason to assume using this brand of perfume will result in a statistically significant increase in ones ability to find a boyfriend/girlfriend.

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I don't see the harm in it. I don't even remember seeing these "sexy" adverts when I was a child because I wasn't particularly interested (me being a child and all).

I don't see how such a thing could harm children.

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I'm saying YES they are, but your explanation confuses the yes and no.

So yes to the first question, they are safe for children to watch, and not to the second question, they do not adversly change a child's behavior.

The only thing that negatively impacts a child's sexuality is naturally abuse, but without abuse, only overprotection and treating sex like it's "naughty" seems to mess with a kid's head later in life.

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Most children will not recognize any subliminal messages in those commercials.

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