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Are Reality Shows Really All That Popular...

or has the time come to put a lid on them and go back to scripted shows?

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Most scripted shows suck. They're too formulaic.

Reality shows are a departure from that. I love most of Bravo's reality shows, such as Project Runway, Top Chef, and NYC Prep. For the most part, I tend to prefer the competition reality shows as opposed to the ones that simply follow people around, but if the people are interesting enough then those are good too.

They may not be intellectual, but they are entertaining. Which is more than I can say about the majority of scripted television programming.

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With the exception of some like American Idol, most reality shows really don't have that many viewers.

The difference is, a reality show is really cheap to make. So while a scripted show may ultimately get more viewers, the cost of making one, paying actors, writers, etc. still makes a reality show more profitable for a station.

But yeah, I was tired of them before I ever watched one.

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I've sampled a few reality shows and find them quite boring. Outside of shows like American Idol, I wish they'd ditch them for something a bit more entertaining.

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