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Are Republicans owed reparations for ending slavery?


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The Achilles Heel in such a proposal is that in today's age of wokism there would be countless numbers of white losers 'identifying' as being Black Bongos.

Me Bongo, me want $ 1,000,000 towards restitution for you whities enslaving my forefathers.

By the way, me Bongo, give me your wallet and watch, or else.

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There is H.R. 40 for determining the damage caused by chattel slavery. I also disagree, people can tell who is white and Black. Reading Ijeoma Oluo's So You Want to Talk About Race makes it clear that humans can instantly tell who is what race and the racial discrimination that goes with it.

Supporting Evidence: Ijeoma Oluo (
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No, Black people are owed reparations. Pass HR 40.

The above link is long, about 50 pages, but worth it. I think many people are anti-woke because of the knowledge deficit gap.

Supporting Evidence: Reparation HR 40 (
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I'm black. Try to deny me when I apply for that money. There's no card showing my degree of blood, so I say I'm 100% black. How much you gonna give me?

Secondly, so why don't you open up your wallet and pay a random black person everything in your bank account? Is it because you're just another fake piece of shit practicing Nimbyism?

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First, it is Black people with an upper case B. You do have a point that latter on implementing reparations will have its pitfalls, but H.R. 40 only assesses the historical trauma of chattel slavery.

Second, me personally opening my wallet does not help much in a nation of over 300 million. Especially when you have white males composing the majority of the richest men. We need to end the white supremacist patriarchy status quo. H.R. is the way to go.

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The civil war was 157 years ago. The longest living person in the US is 118 years old. This means that these supposed reparations go to people that have never seen or been affected by a single battle of the civil war directly. No, they aren't.

And from who would they get these reparations? The south, which just so happens to be the poorer half of the US barring Texas, Florida, and maybe Louisiana? Black people who live in the poorest and most crime ridden areas in the US?

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Historical trauma effects people today. trauma

"Historical trauma Collective and complex trauma inflicted

on a group who share a specific identity or affiliation."

I didn't understand historical trauma at first. So don't feel bad if you don't get it right away. Furthermore, you are forgetting that racism is continuous.

Racism was worse under chattel slavery than today. But the 2008 great recession was caused by racism.

How about the fortune 500? One percent of the richest own over half the wealth of the world. In the US the top 1% hold 32.1% in 2021. That's a racial stereotype white people use drugs at a greater rate than Black people.


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