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Are Slugs Gross?

A bit of fun for this dreary Wednesday afternoon. 
Slugs - are they gross? Do we need them? 

My kid is obsessed with slugs to the point where she goes out into the garden after it rains to collect them. According to the BBC we need them to help our gardens grow, and if that's the case my garden would be a jungle by now with all the slugs (slugs not snails) my daughter insists on collecting and placing directly into the flower beds. I blame this powerpoint she was sent home with from school singing the praises of slugs and their more robust family members. School sent us an email suggesting we 'bring a slug home' and it all spiralled from there.

Her school seems pretty obsessed with creepy crawlies - last year, the class had pet stick insects and she came home asking for some of her own. We went to the butterfly house and got some but, of course, looking after them fell to me. Needless to say they didn't last long as, really, they belong outside.

I don't want to crush her dreams of becoming a slug wrangler, but I have to know - am I crazy, or are slugs just plain gross? Not just that, they eat my flowers and leaves and kill my plants. Can someone please enlighten me on the benefits of slugs so I can understand her point of view, or at least validate mine that they are g r o s s.

Yes! Yuck! Salt them!

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No! Leave them be!

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Escargot. Eat them ;)

Side: Yes! Yuck! Salt them!

They are annoying because they always manage to get inside the kitchen. I've even found them in the sink before now. Still, I try not to kill them if possible. I try to respect all life, with the exception of wasps and flies. Those I kill.

I bet salting them must be agony. Assuming they feel pain of course, which I'm not sure about without looking it up.

Side: No! Leave them be!

We had rats at a place I lived in about 8 years ago, so I set some traps. I managed to kill a really young one. The spring in the trap snapped its neck. I remember feeling really guilty about it (still do to be honest) because it was a beautiful creature. Not one of these big ugly rats. The fur on it was sleek and it looked really cute. It was wild but definitely wouldn't have looked out of place as a pet.

Side: No! Leave them be!
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They actually are very useful. And no they aren't gross, some can be rather cute in a weird kind of "ew" way. While they may not be great inside a garden, the rest of the world doesn't revolve around that particular plot of land.

Side: No! Leave them be!