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Are State schools better then Private?

State vs. Private

Private is better

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State is better

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Personally, I attended a private school and must've missed the warm fuzzies, because they drove us academically. No one cared if you were better at soccer or football; it was all about educational successes.

Every private school is different from public/state schools, but there are a lot more of the latter. The problem with many public schools is that they teach in a cookie-cutter fashion. If you learn differently (faster, slower, hands-on, visually, etc) you get left out--they treat you like there is something wrong with you. But it's not the student, it's the system. Many private schools can offer the specialized environments needed for those ahead or behind the curve.

In my specific case, I began at a state school where they thought it was ridiculous for a 5-year-old to be reading. They forced me to waste time coloring and painting, when I wanted to LEARN. The school had a policy against skipping grades (it was too emotionally traumatic to some kid).

So after wasting away of boredom for two years, I moved to a private school where instead of 40 kids to a classroom, there were only 20 to a grade! Each grade was set up so that the students could learn at whatever pace they could handle. Slow kids were given extra tutor time and whiz kids were given opportunities to learn things outside of the usual textbooks.

Ten years later my parents divorced and I was stuck going to a public high school. No one there had any idea what to do with me because I'd been taught to THINK rather than REGURGITATE. I was sent to the principal's office twice for "disturbing the class"... that is, I asked questions and wanted to participate/interject in the teacher's one-sided monologue. Shame on me!

Not every private school is like the one I went to nor is every public/state school full of incompetent teachers. If I were more of a sheeple I'd have fit in better in that public school. Or if I'd lived in a rich place maybe they wouldn't have had hundreds of brainless students in my grade. I just hope my kids never end up in a school of zombified conformists.

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As a person who has attended both state and private school, I always have to agree that private is the way to go if you want the best possible education you can receive. Of course as with state schools, you need to shop around for a school that suits you, or your child but its worth all the money.

At state school I got in lots of trouble and learnt nothing. Everything is just a slap on the wrist and extra homework. At private school they offer aids and tutors, and actually try to solve the problem, they even make room and effort for children with Special Needs. Alot of teachers working for state do have limited qualifications, and really don't care as long as they get their small paycheck that they make. In private schools there is a stricter environment, and more rules, and more consequences, and of course, education about consequences, programs to teach teenagers about drugs and alcohol and sex. In state school all you see is kids on drugs, drinking alcohol and/or pregnant. You have good kids that turn bad because of all these bad influences that the state does nothing about, its easier to get away with anything in public school, but not in private school. Of course this things can happen in any school, but alot less in private schools.

And to add to my list:

You have a choice between co-ed and same sex schools.

There is more teacher and admin support.

Better funding to improve the learning environment.

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I support your view! You are right,and i agree with a happy note.

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state schools are schools.

the thing about private schools is that they help you grow in a caring, loving environment. they dont show you what its like to be in the real world. they live in their happy fantasy world, while the rest of us grow as an individual. bringing out the real us, not we've been told we should grow into.

i went to a private school almost all of my life. it turned my against religion and i failed an assignment on how men are superior to women, as we were told it was easier to pass if we went for the other argument. (it was an all girls school)

through all of my experiences i found that a state school has a much harder work load, you dont get the help you would at a private unless you ask for it, and they set you up for the 'outside'.

sure there are some down sides, such as if u jump the tuckshop que in front of the wrong person you'll get punched in the head, and there's all of these fights all round the place, and the bitch fights are worse cause there are guys around etc. but i found i work alot harder in a state school, rather then in private.

THEREFORE state schools kick epic ass!!!

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I think that state schools are better preparatory institutions than private schools. I think that it's unnatural to separate boys and girls in to separate schools where they do not learn what it's like to intermingle with the opposite sex. Besides learning valuable social skills that will help them once they get in to the work environment, I think it's good for them to be exposed to people from varying socio-economic statuses to learn to work well with people from diverse backgrounds.

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i dont know about where any of you grew up, but where im from, within the private schools there is a LOT more drug use and sexual along with physical abuse. the kids in private schools may look good to people, but that couldnt be farther from the truth.

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violetlil87(2) Disputed
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well,yes,i agree to an extent.but seriously,i grew up in a private school and i am NOT like that! i think if you can take care of yourself,everything is going to be fine with you!

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At a state run school you at least know that the teacher has been trained and is credentialed. At a private school the teachers do not have to be credentialed at all. The main problem with state schools is funding.

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Tamisan(890) Disputed
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That must be different in your neck of the woods. Where I grew up, all schools had to prove to the federal government that their teachers and curriculum were meeting or exceeding standards.

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