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Challenge Debate: Are There Any Good Arguments For Gods Existence?

We will be discussing a wide range of arguments.

Yes, There Are Good Arguments

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No, There Are Not Any

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In most of the holy texts I would agree with you. However the Bible has no contradictions in it. At the most there were some justified grammatical errors but not from the original manuscripts. If you want more information on contradictions in the Bible look up Answers In Genesis contradiction scripture index where all of the supposed contradictions are very well answered. Pertaining to how there are no good arguments I will give one due to lack of time. The Teleological Argument (Fine Tuned Argument) argues that all of the quantities and constants of the universe were finely tuned for life to exist because the quantities and constants are in a life permitting range and if altered by the slightest margins no physical interactive life could exist anywhere. For example if the expansion rate of the universe were altered in one part in 10^55 then either no galaxies would form (if larger) or the universe would have collapsed before stars began to form (if smaller). According to the argument there are only 3 explanations for the discovery either physical necessity, chance, or design caused this to occur. Physical necessity is expunged immediately since it is more likely that the fine tuned quantities to be impossible more than possible. And the probably of all this happening by chance is so infinitesimal that it would not occur, the last explanation design is the most plausible. Or in other words God Exists.

Supporting Evidence: Quantities and Constants I Did Not Include Due To Lack Of Time (
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Time and time again, we find that there is a complete lack of evidence for God's existence. In a world that should be brimming with evidence in the case of a God, we find nothing. In all Holy Texts, we find contradictions and false information. We find the problem of evil and why it exists has yet to be solved. Because of all of this and much more, we say that there are no good arguments for God's existence.

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