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Are You Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

This Question pertains to Abortion and your view about it. Please justify your reasoning and lets keep the forum decently together please.


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I am mainly Pro-Life because I believe that women take advantage of Abortion Clinics. I can definitely understand having an Abortion in cases of Rape, but from a recent statistic that is very rare. Some of the reasons in my opinion are nearly immoral if not immoral I will leave the statistic as a link and you guys can interpret it however you please.

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IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
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How is it "taking advantage" of abortion clinics simply because they believe the morality of this issue is different than you do?

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First off we all know that you know abortion is taking a living growing human being's life. The excuses that help you live with your inhumanity usually start out with the mention of Zygotes and in that way suggesting you are only supporting the removal of a few cells.

As the debate continues, you start speaking of 1st trimester abortions where you say the Baby can not feel pain.

After you are shown that late term abortions on demand are legal in many states, you say you only support extreme cases of late term abortions.

Here is a site showing the facts of no restriction late term abortions on demand for any reason..... abortions-where-does-your-state-stand/

After you are shown that the Democrat party or other Left wing parties support late term abortions for any reason, you say you are not a registered Democrat, or how do I know what party you support.

If you ever do finally admit voting for Democrats, you say you are not a one issue voter.

After I ask you what voting issue is more important than innocent life, you take it to the next step of how Pro life people supposedly do not care for Babies after they are born. They never have any proof how pro life people do not care for Babies after they are born but it is their programmed response. I guess they have to twist the facts and lie to themselves to justify the inhumanity they support.

They even go so far as to play God and say the Baby is better off dead rather than living a potencial hard life. Lets see.... a potencial hard life, or death. Hmmmmmm..... and they have the arrogant Godlike nerve to thnk a decision of that magnitude should be someone's choice to make.

Then after I show you how 177 out of 182 Democrats voted to allow a Baby born alive after a botched late term abortion, to die... I never get a response to that one. hmmmmmm

Somewhere in between all those denials and laughble excuses, you will say that there are pro life Democrats. I ask how can you be truly pro life and belong to an extremist radical pro abortion party? The one so called pro life Democrat that was holding up the passage of Obamacare(because it would forced pro life people to pay for abortions), was also bullied and strong armed to cave in and vote for it.

When they say the Democrat party does not support late term abortions for any reason, I give them the facts of the many times the GOP tried to pass laws protecting a Baby's life past 20 weeks(except in extreme cases). The Democrat party fights the law every single time. NO COMPROMISE!

When the debate is finally ended THANKFULLY, I ask myself why do I bother with these liars and deniers. I guess i keep hoping there is one person out there who might actually think about what he supports before pulling that lever.

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Unless a person wants to bury his head in the sand, he must know that helping to elect a person that supports all abortions, means he might as well be using the forcepts himself. How can you deny your culpability? If voters stood by their so called convictions of supposedly being personally pro life, these pro abortion politicians would have never been elected to push their abortion agendas.

There would be no tax payer funding of abortions as we see with medicaid.

There would be no tax payer money going to planned parenthood where they harvest baby organs from late term babies and sell them for money.

There would be no politicians supporting a bill that refuses to save the life of a Baby born alive from a botched late term abortions.

There would have been no Roe V Wade if the powers to be that pushed it were not elected.

You can deny what you support to the end of time and you will still know in your heart it is wrong to elect these abortion on demand Democrats. Do you ease your conscience by believing the lie of Democrats caring more for the poor? So I guess it is caring to help some Babies while killing other's?

The last I knew, that would describe a monster, not a compassionate person.

Yes, maybe the GOP does not want to give poor people free cell phones, and allow able bodied people to keep scamming tax payers forever, but the GOP does support safety nets to help the helpless, the disabled, the elderly, and those who in an emergency need some food or shelter. The difference being the GOP does not use minorities and low income people as voting blocks like Democrats do. The GOP believes in helping all Americans get out of poverty, not keep them dependent on it for their vote.

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Tell me, if I were to say I am not personally a racist and would never kill a Black man, but believe in the right of other's to be racists and be allowed the choice of killing Black people, how crazy would I be? I would be certifiable! I would lack all semblance of humanity and everyone would agree.

Now lets change that sentence and replace the words Black people with living growing unborn Babies. To all you who say you are personally pro life, but pro choice for others? Look in your heart and tell me how what you support is any different than what people during the time of slavery used to support. Back then many people would not own slaves but they were ok with others owning slaves and killing those slaves!

Now the next response I might get from some of these personally pro life people but pro choice for others, is how that unborn baby is not a living growing human life. Now if that is what you truly believe, WHY ON EARTH would you be personally pro life? Pro life means that you believe it is a life! Why would you be pro life for something that was not a human life?

How on earth could any compassionate person who understands what abortion is, how it is taking an innocent human life.... how on earth could they afford that right to others? We have laws telling our neighbors they can not kill their one year old child. Would you support some new law decided by 5 our of 9 justices that says it is now ok for parents to kill one year old babies? Well of course not you would say! My neighbor has no right or choice to kill their one year old Baby no matter how many Justices said it was ok!

Look within your hearts people because right now you are complete phonies and could care less about the right's of those little lives.

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Is why the Progressive Left support Margret Sanger !Progressives will never admit their support of the Progressive Margret Sanger !

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I"m pro choice, you can choose to kill yourself if you want's a terrible choice, but it's better than killing babies before they are born. The baby has no choice, you do.

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Pro Choice all the way.

What a woman does with her body and her life is her own damn business. And nobody, especially a fat, white, greedy, rich, politician in Washington DC has the right to tell her any different or force her into the incredible hardship of motherhood, especially when she is ill prepared for it. And most likely would also raise the child into an unhappy and unproductive life. Thus continuing the cycle.

Roe v Wade was one of the best things the Supreme Court ever did. It has prevented millions of hapless kids from enduring crime-ridden and unhappy lives. It has saved millions if not billions of tax payer money. It has prevented thousands and thousands of crimes, including murder.

It has upheld the prospective mother's constitutional right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It has shown us that the fact cats in DC do NOT belong in our bedrooms.

Long Live Roe v Wade!!!!!!!!!!!

SS the way, amigo...I do not like--in fact, I refuse to ever use--the term "Pro Life." I find it misleading, as it in fact is ANTI the happyu life of the mother! LOL.

I call those idiots "Anti Choicers" instead.

So next time you do a debate: please say "Pro Choice" or "Anti Choice." US Pro Choicers are REALLY the PRO LIFERS, since we wish to protect the lives of the mothers and the potential crime victims of the aborted criminal babies.


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Saintnow(3684) Clarified
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This is the first time I ever heard of a criminal baby. I guess it's a good thing we killed them before they killed us. If we pick up the pace of killing these criminal babies, Detroit might calm down enough for me to consider living there. Why don't we start aborting the criminal adults? I know they are shooting each other at a pretty good pace, but we can speed things up for the good of society with a few gas chambers, empty the prisons.

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