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Are all generalizations bad?

Are they all bad? Or all they all good? Or is it grey ground? Keep in mind, 'bad' doesn't have to be something like, "all black people steal!" but if it were to say, "all white people are smart!" it's still bad, in the sense that you're sterotyping.


Enjoy debating, people.


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Generalizing is not inherently bad or good. It's more or less derived from social stereotyping of a characteristic that most people of a group exhibit.

For example, if more Asian people pass math test than other races, that's just something that was noticed, and used to start a new topic.

It'd be a generalization to say all generalizations are false also, so even that one won't do.

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Sitara(11082) Disputed
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We are all one human race. .

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Quocalimar(6469) Disputed
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Why do you even dispute me if it's never about the topic. I try to ignore trolls but when it's the only thing on your feed you are forced to do something about it.

I hope Andy does something about it.

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