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Are american people really happy and satisfy ???

Let's be Honest about yourself and your nation.

Are you happy now ? satisfy ? 

Lifestyle good or bad ?

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Yeah I think everything is pretty dope now. Not that it couldn't be better, it could be MUCH better, but I don't let that stop me from appreciating that this is the best time to live in America. We have A/C, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, electric stoves, flat screen televisions, MacBook computers, Internet, Netflix, etc, etc, etc. The biggest impact war has on the average American these days is on what he watches on YouTube. I could go on but the summary is that it is a wonderful time to be an American in absolute material terms.

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Yes, for the moment. Now no. Now yes again.

Not a lot of people walk around with a constant dark cloud over their head so on balance I think we're happier more often than we're not. But that doesn't mean the problems which make us unhappy are irrelevant are don't need work. And we're pretty quick to anger, or to feel entitled or violated, so we're quick to jump from happy to not.

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Yeah I'm very satisfy

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