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Are debates meant to be completely logical?


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I don't think they should be completely logical but logic is far more important to a debate than emotion.

When the debate is on a more objective topic (for example, arguing about whether something is real), logic is especially important because the side with the most logical reasoning is more likely to be the one that's correct.

When it's something more subjective, such as whether something is moral, emotional reasoning has more of a role to play but should not be used as a crutch.

Emotion tends to be what people resort to when they have no logic to back their arguments up. As someone who prefers to stay calm and logical, it irks me if someone's argument is nothing but emotion, as that's when the fallacies usually start.

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If the purpose of a debate is to come to the truth about something, then logic is probably the best and only way to do that. Is there another way to get to the truth, which isn't based in logic, like math or science? My answer is yes.

If the purpose of the debate is simply to convince someone through any means possible, then there are alternatives, like appealing to emotion, but I think that's dishonest.

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Of course it does. If your not having a logical discussion then your just slinging bullshit at each other. That's not a debate. It's madness

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Sometimes, the logical stand need not be the best side to pick upon..

suppose that there was a debate on how to reduce population(in a hypothetical scenario)

now the most logical thing to do is to reduce the population as the word says, that is, to eliminate some amount of population, whereas some would suggest birth control, in which case their argument is based on emotions, that of compassion to be specific, or maybe even fear.

to be completely logical has it's own shortcomings.., but however, I do support giving logic priority over emotions in general..

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logic logic here and there, logic logic everywhere..........

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1) Logic is one of many tools for understanding and persuasion. It's an important one but it never was the ONLY one.

2) Logic advocates will never agree to or understand this but the most important factor in any debate is who the audience and/or judge is. You may think logic always wins, but let me tell you from real life no it doesn't. And that's true in law, politics, media, and even sitting around your family dining room table. On this site the closest thing to a judge is the debate owner who also strangely enough gets to be moderator, and the audience is a wide blend from juveline to serious, so the only people you're going to persuade solely through logic are the ones here to speak solely of logic. And that's not the majority.

3) ANYTHING can be a debate topic, which also means if you're debating something based on fantasy or whimsy then logic takes a back seat to imagination and creativity.

4) Topics based heavily on belief, like religion, severely neuter logic. When you're comparing Bible verses, or speculating how many angels can fit on a pin head, it's almost insulting to logic to even claim logic has a role in the debate.

5) I've told this site repeatedly this and I mean it - if you don't keep your site fun and let people be themselves and speak candidly then eventually it will wither and die. People can only take so much dry material before they don't bother to show up anymore. Logic lovers tend to be wet blankets, and not just on the immature posters. They'll take a 5 point reply like this one and dismiss it entirely through one rule of logic and think that settled it when it didn't.

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