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Are empty shelves and ships stuck at port ''building back better''?


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Please try to understand that the woks, the loony-leftists and the liberals are all trying to stimulate the imaginations of the average American shopper.

As parents stand with their hungry children in the supermarket they have the opportunity of imagining what they would wish to be available for purchase before settling for a sack of porridge and 3 pounds of tripe.

Meanwhile the DImocrat liberal spawned thieving filth are at home with their families munching into best fillet steaks, french-fries, fresh garden peas and an enormous glass of Napa Valley wine.

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The tearing down of the awfully, awfully ill-divided society of old America was easy.

All that was needed were roaming gangs of murderous and destructive blacks and anarchists.

However, the building back better narrative seems to be beyond the capabilities of the LEFTIST FILTH.

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