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Are girls smarter than boys?

In my class most of the girls are smarter then the boys. The teachers say its a coincidence but is it?


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ofcourse...brain is with all but boys dont know how to use it...sorry boys..but i still love you all :P

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Well, I'm a girl, and I don't think all women are smarter than boys. Some girls can be just as stupid as some boys and vise versa for the guys.

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The male brain is naturally larger than a female's. However, the female brain is naturally more active than a male's. You decide.

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for all the dang fools who think girls are smarter than boys explain to me why it was men who invented the lightbulb the gas mask the oven the telephone earphones and all that

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Debate is supposed to be cordial. Anyways, women discovered radioactivity, the structure of DNA (Watson and crick technically stole information), the composition of the sun, abstract algebra, the modern electric refrigerator, wireless communication, CCTVs, and computer programs.

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