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 Are government grounds off-limits to protests? (4)

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Are government grounds off-limits to protests?

1894: Coxey's Army Tests Limits on Protest

Do freedom of assembly and petition apply when Jacob Coxey leads an "army" of unemployed men to the U.S. Capitol to protest economic policies?

Discussion Questions

  • Did this gathering interfere with government business?
  • Did this gathering harm the dignity of the U.S. Capitol?
  • Could Coxey’s Army have used other methods to make their point? Besides assembling at the U.S. Capitol, how else can you effectively petition the government?
  • Should there be restrictions on assemblies and speeches on the U.S. Capitol grounds? If yes, what restrictions do you support? If no, why not?

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As Americans we should have the right to protection, and protest the people who work on Capitol grounds, the first amendment gives me the freedom of speech and the right to protection the govt, and congress dose not have the power to revoke my right to do so. we are also given the right to peacefully assemble, it goes against are rights to freedom to be suppressed by the police

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As Sen. William Peffer & Sen. William Allen, we believe that the people do have the right as long as they don't pose a threat to the government. This could be a way to sending a message to the government that they have to listen to and consider that person(s) idea(s). As stated by John Locke in the Constitution, the first amendment gives all citizens the right to freedom of speech and freedom to petition the government and included in the citizen's inalienable rights.

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It is my priority and responsibility to make sure that the capitol grounds stay peaceful and safe for others. The capitol almost must not be disturbed by the protest and continue to be able to work. These protests will be dangerous and rough which will slow the progress inside the building, be dangerous for others, and disturb the peace there. If any protestors do come to the capitol, I will make sure that they pay the price for trying to disrupt our government process and disturb the peace and safety of others.

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Government buildings should be off limits for the public to protest on they can protest around the fences. The people who were outside of the capitol building disturbed the peace of the government workers, also being on the steps if the capitol building doesn't help fix the economy