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Humans are inherently good. Humans are inherently savage.
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Are humans inherently good or savage?

In our novel, Lord of the Flies, we have been discussing whether humans are naturally good or evil (savage). Below are some questions to consider during the debate:

-Do humans need rules to coexist?
-Are humans naturally selfish?
-Are some humans savage and others good?
-Do children need more rules than adults?

Humans are inherently good.

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Humans are inherently savage.

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Example: Humans are naturally good because we are born innocent and kind. As children, and young adults we may learn selfish ways, but deep down we are truly good at heart. For instance, there are charities all over the world helping people in need and most people enjoy spending some of their time volunteering, out of the goodness of their heart.

Supporting Evidence: Human Kindness is Powerful (
Side: Humans are inherently good.
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While I don't believe we are inherently good, I also don't believe we are inherently savage. We are born wanting things to survive, that doesn't make us savage nor is there a black and white world where we are either good or savage.

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Example: Humans are inherently savage. Humans are naturally selfish and are born to only look out for their own needs and wants. For instance, babies are born crying and screaming for any one to help them get THEIR food to meet THEIR needs ASAP. Humans NEED rules in order to survive together. Without rules, humans would destroy each other and resort to only looking out for themselves and people who they agree with.

Supporting Evidence: Humans are naturally Selfish (
Side: Humans are inherently savage.

God says man has an evil nature, and were it not for the sacrifice of his Son, we would all be deserving of punishment.

Many non Christians say that they are basically good people, but the facts tell another story.

Remember when America was a pro life nation before this so called Progressive movement?

The slippery slope of mankind's selfish nature can be seen with the abortion issue.

First they talked about life of mother abortions which most people were OK with, but then the Feminist movement came to power and the right of life for our unborn was systematically torn apart.

Remember when it was 1st trimester abortions only? Then as the Liberal Progressive movement gained power, it went to 2nd, and now 3rd trimester abortions of viable babies for any reason!

When you vote for these radical pro abortion Democrats, you have lost all claim to being a "good " person.

Liberals think they are good people for taking another man's money and giving it to those who will vote for Democrats. You can not help feed the poor with other's money in one hand, and then support KILLING VIABLE BABIES with the other hand.

You are a phony to lay claim to being good people.

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God says man has an evil nature

Man was created in God's own image, according to your own nutbag religion.

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I don't think either answer is true because morality (i.e. good v evil) is a human construct in the first place. It is something invented by the limbic system as a kind of emotional map. Objectively speaking it doesn't exist so, in answer to your question, it depends entirely on who you ask. Ask someone who has had painful or sad experiences and humans are savage, Ask someone who was born the son of a sultan and humans are inherently good. There are exceptions of course, but as a general rule it holds. There is no right or wrong answer, except to say that humans are both. These concepts (i.e. savagery and goodness) are concepts we have invented ourselves to describe and articulate the actions of ourselves and others. Although there are often similarities, the behaviour which defines these concepts varies from person to person and from culture to culture.

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Only Jesus is good..............................................................................................................................................................................

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