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Are humans to intelligent for religion?

Religion and mythology were used to explain the unexplainable. With so much now explained, are we to intelligent for Religion and Mythology?


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It's too not to. I do not believe that mythology or religion are proper nouns, either.

Also people are never to intelligent for religion, there will always be beliefs that people will fall back on in times of discomfort. Religion isn't a sign of dumbness, it's just a sign that a person wants to believe that they are part of a 'plan', 'purpose', or a 'saved group'. This isn't a bad thing, some people do great things with religious justification. While others may do worse things, it isn't necessarily correlate with their religion.

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Religion isn't a matter of intelligence. I know plenty of very intelligent people who are religious and plenty of dumb people who are atheists. It is a matter of one's upbringing and ideology. Whether or not humans are intelligent enough to use the proper form of "to" is another matter...

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Basically, the purpose of religion (in my eyes) is to teach people to be nice, tolerant, accepting, treat others the way you want to be treated, all that good stuff. It's to install morals, so we don't end up with a generation of hooligans, smokers, whores, morons, jerks, ignorants, and things of those like.

Oh wait, we have that. It's called "today's teenagers".

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Apparently not to intelligent !

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Thanks for your input. By the way is the typo really that big of a deal guys? I'm fourteen and doing my best.

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There are many students studying in seminaries who have high IQs.

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